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Mom Spots Daughter Talking to the Trees

The innocence is just heartwarming.

Trends come and go on TikTok, but tree-hugging is forever. Right now, a popular craze on TikTok is to stand near a low hanging branch at the tree and call out to the plant to touch you. People have been filming branches waving their way and leaves caressing their skin, as if by magic. But some people are just naturally nature attuned, such as this adorable child, who has always made trees her friend, long before any social media app told her to.


In the video, a mother surreptitiously tapes her daughter in the backyard. The little girl is standing on a chair in the garden, chatting happily away with her neighbor’s tree. Though you can’t make out every word, you can definitely read her lips as she tells branch after branch that she loves them.

“She takes after momma, that’s for sure,” her mother captions the post, adding the hashtag “babywitch.” Commenters thought it was just as cute. “This generation of kids will save the world,” one insists. “Don’t ever grow up, Emma,” another urges the child. “The trees love her back, I promise,” claims a third.

Science itself is split on whether talking to plants really does work, but it certainly can’t hurt. Trees have a far more complex communication system than was previously understood, utilizing mycological networks of fungi between root system to spread messages between organisms and even across the forest. Though they don’t have ears to hear with, it’s not impossible that they understand the vibrations this girl is sending out, and the affection that these words signify. 

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