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Girl Insists She Sees Tons of People In the Trees and Explains Why Others Can’t

Seeing isn’t believing...

Tree spirits exist in many cultures, from the famous dryads of Green mythology to the Green Man or wild man of the woods from Medieval European folklore. Other cultures do not turn their tree spirits into humanoid shapes, but instead believe the trees themselves have souls.

For this little girl, the trees are full of people that you can’t see—that is, unless you already believe that they are there.


“The trees are full of people but you can’t always see them,” the girl whispers in the video. “But if you believe, you see.” Then, she skips off to commune with the tree and whatever spirits it might hold.

“The magic in this kids mind is something I envy so much,” the caption reads on this video. “I miss having such an expansive imaginary dream world.”

Tap into it with her,” says one of the viewers of the video. “It’s the reason why she was brought to you. Maybe she’s here to help heal that part of your childhood self who lost that imagination.”

In the comments, others agree. “I wish I could still hear the tree people,” one remarks, while others says that she can again, as long as she spends time with them, and opens her mind once more to the possibilities.

Every year we are learning more about the power of plants to communicate with each other — not through speech but via their own chemical release system, not to mention their roots and the fungal mycelium networks that run throughout the soil.