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Camera Catches Video of Tree Noping Out on Side of Road

Make like a tree...and leave.
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There are strange things out there in the woods. No one is arguing that fact. They are, however, not always in agreement about what exactly those things are. Some are absolutely certain of the existence of Bigfoot. Others are fascinated by the many unexplained disappearances of people. And still others, not content with the many legends and cryptids already in existence, are busy inventing their own, such as “rakes” and stories about mysterious staircases. And of course, the ever-present question: what is going on with the trees?

In fairy tales and legends, in Tolkienesque fantasies and in the popular imagination, we’ve been fascinated with the idea that trees are sentient beings, capable of complex communication and even, if necessary, walking around. And though science keeps finding out more and more about arboreal communication through fungal networks, we’ve yet to see walking trees. Or have we?

In this video, a tree seems to vanish into the woods, right before our eyes. But does it, really?

The first question you have to ask yourself is why was there a camera pointed at this particular strip of roadway at this particular minute. It does not appear to be a traffic camera, but rather, aimed directly at the tree.

So if the tree is being felled, and someone is filming it, the next question you must ask is why it was taken down in that mysterious way. The answer lies in the way the tree stands next to a power line. The tree is probably being removed because it threatens the integrity of the line, and it must be felled in a way that keeps it from falling over onto the line or pole.

Luckily, there are a variety of machines that can do that in seconds, like feller-butchers and excavator munchers. In operation, they look just like this—grabbing an entire tree by the trunk and just making it go away in a matter of seconds. And that is what we are seeing here.

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