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How to Protect Your Home With Tree Magic

This really works!

More and more, scientists are learning that there is a secret life to trees. They can communicate in surprisingly complex ways both through their own root systems and through fungal networks that permeate all soil. Additionally, many studies have shown the beneficial effects of talking to or even playing music for plants to help them grow. Given what we know about how trees can communicate with each other, and how we can communicate with them, it makes sense that we ought to spend time making our stately yard neighbors into cherished friends.


The woman in this video recommends making friends with the trees that you meet. This doesn’t mean you have to hug them, though if that’s your thing, feel free. Instead, she recommends picking out a tree or trees on your property and really getting to know them. Their shape, their relationship with the trees and even the buildings on your property. Give the tree a name if that helps. Then, once you have formed a healthy relationship, ask the tree to protect and guard your home. “As you give good energy to the tree, it gives good energy back to you.”

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of making friends with trees. Like the woman in the video, I named the live oaks in a nearby park when I was a child, and I have several favorite trees in my life now that I visit and check up on on a regular basis. They are just as alive as we are, and understand the world in a way we never could. 

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