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Kentucky Hiker Sees a Face Emerging From a Tree, But 4 Years Later It Vanished

Carving or fae curse?

A hiker in Kentucky was unsettled when he came across what looked like the face and torso of a man trapped inside a tree on the trail. He took a video of the phenomenon. But when he hiked the same trail four years later, he was shocked to see that the only sign of the man inside the tree was an old scar in the bark.


So what happened? Did someone carve this face into the tree and then leave the wounded pant to heal on its own? Is it nothing more than a case of pareidolia? Or is this another instance of Appalachian weird?

Stories of people trapped inside trees as a punishment abound in folklore and literature. Even the great wizard Merlin was trapped within a tree by the Lady of the Lake, the sorceress Nimue.

Perhaps this is a similar instance of magical arboreal imprisonment. A person was trapped inside the tree, and the hiker came across him in the midst of his attempt to escape. Later, his jailers returned, and banished him back inside.

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Maybe this was a case of a wayward woodsman who got on the wrong side of the forest spirits. Or this could be what happens to those who don’t obey the unwritten rules for wandering the Appalachian wilderness (If you are out in the wilderness and you see something strange, no you didn’t. If you hear something call your name, no you definitely didn’t).

Or maybe this is Merlin, still trying desperately to escape his wooden prison. 

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