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Appalachian Native Explains Why You Should Never Look In the Trees

Seems like solid advice.

One fun thing to do, if you are a member of a particular cultural or geographic region, especially one that is isolated, marginalized, or otherwise held up as a curiosity by the mainstream, is to all go in on some wild tale or other to troll the tourists with. If you have ever been privy to an Australians mad stories about “drop bears” you may get the idea of this game.

A recent TikTok trend among those that cover the “spooky Appalachia” beat are dire warnings to “not look in the trees.” The more I see about this supposed “rule” of Appalachia, the more I am reminded of the “drop bear” stories.


In this video, an Appalachian native tells people that there’s good reason toot look into the trees: that it is the home of invisible or camouflaged cryptids. She describes these creatures as “always looking at you” as well as “yowling” and swinging around on the branches like monkeys. She likes it to stories of “dogmen” and “devil monkeys” and says they have a very strong prey drive. That is why, she comments, that so many bodies are found in the trees in Appalachia.

Wait, dead bodies are found in trees in Appalachia? Citation needed.

It’s an amusing tall tale, to be sure, and dovetails nicely with the popular internet tales of “cloaked,” Predator-like monsters climbing through the trees and scaring the pants off hikers.

I’m not going to tell a person what they experienced, but this has all the vibes of “scare the tourists with a local tall tale.”