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Witch’s Portable Altar Is to Die For

Everything a witch could want is in there

I am forever charmed by people’s wild creativity and hard work when it comes to making something that speaks to their soul. While in today’s Etsy-fied world, you can buy just about anything at the snap of your fingers, there is something truly special associated with those who dig deep and create something bespoke and beautiful that they need. 

 This recent craft, a portable “witch's altar” created by a magic practitioner, has everything she might need to create spells, read cards, and brew potions, and it’s small enough to fit in a backpack! Read on for more.


In this video, a witch shows off the portable altar she made for her practice. The contraption was originally an old jewelry box (complete with music) that she painted deepest purple. She also stenciled the top with a pair of hands to symbolize her own energy. Inside the wee drawers are crystals, candles, jewelry, and other spell-making implements.

The large, center console features two drawers for her tarot cards. Each drawer has been stenciled and fitted with selenite handles. Many tarot card enthusiasts swear by the use of selenite crystals to cleanse, purify, and “charge” the energy of their cards before reading.

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The final drawers contain jar upon jar of potent herbs and spices for her to use in her spells.

In the comments section, people are as charmed by this craft as I am, amazed by the ingenuity of the selenite handles, and ready to plunk down their own money if she’d like to start a side hustle in making more altars for paying customers. 

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