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How To Train Yourself To See Auras

Train yourself in this mindbending technique.

People who see auras believe they are the physical or spiritual manifestation of that person’s mood, personality, or psychic energy. A luminous body of energetic vibrations that surround your physical self, and can be seen by those trained to do so, or, occasionally, if we just get really lucky. In other words, sometimes, an individual’s soul shines so brightly that it can actually be seen by the naked eye.

Some believe that only psychics can see auras, but other think you can actually train yourself to get a visual sense of the spiritual vibe being put out by any living thing. And here’s how.


In this video a woman lays out the stepson how to train yourself to see auras. First, get a piece of white paper and put your hand down on it. Then, relax your eyes. Soft focus. You’re going to try to look at the places in between your fingers. Don’t refocus your eyes, and don’t force it. Soon, she claims, you will see a sort of white haze or fog. This will coalesce into a color.

As soon as you see it, you will know what you are looking for. It’s like those “magic eye” puzzles that just look like static until an image suddenly appears.

“Once you practice, your eyes will adjust and you will be able to see it more quickly over time,” she explains in the video, while a caption reads “Intuitives can see these colors in their mind’s eye.” Eventually, you will be able to see it without the use of the paper, and on people, pets, and houseplants instead of simply your hand.