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How to Train Your Telepathy

Build your own superpower.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Usually, when I play this game, I pick something like “being able to talk to animals,” but I bet telepathy would cover that pretty well. Telepathy is the art of reading thoughts, or communicating to others using only your mind. This TikTok psychic says everyone is a little bit telepathic, and what’s more, that you can actually train yourself to improve your telepathic abilities. So strap in and let’s learn a bit of brainwave yoga. 


In this video, psychic and energy healer Meena talks about the best way to improve your telepathic powers. Best of all, this can be done with a friend.

Step one is to “raise your vibrations.” She suggests going for a walk, dancing, or even exercise.

Step two is to perform some “breath work”, which is basically fancy healer-speak for taking deep breaths. Meena recommends focusing on your partner and their energy and breathing until you feel your energies connecting.

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Step three is for one of you to think of a color and the other to guess it. “For the person guessing,” Meena advises, “the trick is to say your first instinct.” You shouldn’t think about it or try to guess their favorite color. Just go with whatever pops into your mind. That is the psychic download.

Finally, step four: keep practicing. Once you can do this with guessing colors, try shapes, or objects, Move from one word to whole sentences, and hopefully, whole paragraphs.

Then, naturally change your name to Dr. X and open up a school for mutants.

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