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Apparently You Can Train Yourself To See Spirits

Give it a try!
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According to some people, psychic powers are something you are born with or not. Many spirit mediums report having seen ghosts all their lives, and finding their sixth sense quite disturbing until they learned how to deal with (or filter out) their powers. Others say we’re all a little bit psychic, and, with effort, we can learn to develop and control spiritual powers and create a sixth sense of our very own. Which camp do you fall into? Speaking as someone who has never personally seen a ghost, I kind of hope it’s the latter one. I would be very interested in getting a superpower of my very own.

This fellow says it is possible to train ourself to see and sense the spirits that are all around us. Here’s how.

In this video, a psychic TikToker named August Gonçalves, who goes by the handle “new-age-mythbuster”, explains that sensing spirits is not necessarily like seeing actual entities around you—at least, not at first. It might just be a picture in your mind’s eye. In other words, if you find yourself randomly thinking about a loved one who has passed, it may be a sign that this person is visiting you.

Lean into these feelings. Try to see what senses are igniting in you. Is it a favorite song from a passed love one, stuck in your head? Are you smelling the perfume they used to wear? Is a memory of them playing like a movie clip in your head?

Full blown spirits might not be the first step in developing your psychic abilities, but if you don’t start somewhere, you may never know.

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