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Mom and Daughter Are Convinced Deceased Train Conductor Dad Made an Appearance During Their Wedding Dance

This has to be a sign.
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On one hand, there are ghosts—apparitions or poltergeists that haunt a particular place (or, according to some, particular people) in the form of people long past. But on the other hand, there are softer, more metaphorical signs from the beyond. Many people believe they are receiving messages from loved ones in a variety of ways, be it what song plays on the raid or what bird lands on a twig outside your window. For this family, who sadly had to celebrate on e of the most special moments in life without their beloved patriarch, the sign that he was still looking down on them from above was a little…bigger.


In the video, a bride and her mother are sharing a dance at the young woman’s wedding. Though the dance with the bride is traditionally done with the woman’s father, this poor woman had lost her dad. In life, he was a train enthusiast, which might be on elf the reasons they held their wedding in a hall by an old train depot. But his spirit certainly made his presence known during their dance.

As they held each other, a train went by outside, blowing its whistle to mark its passing. The two women look at each other and instantly know that it’s a message from their departed love one. Then they hug each other all the more tightly, joined in their love for each other and the man who was unable to share with them this joyous day.