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Trail Camera Captures Deer Getting Spooked by One-Eyed Creature

Is it a trick of the light or something else?

What spooked this deer in the middle of the night? It seems to look around, as if searching for a noise. It then stops to stare off in the distance, down the road. It then takes off in the other direction, toward the camera. A faint light is visible in the dark, as if a creature with a single eye is staring out from the woods.  

Skeptics in the comments offer many explanations as to what this could be. Many think it is merely a reflective pin marking a tree or a house light from far away. Others suggest it’s a mundane predator of the woods with an eye injury or even the shine of a lens on another trail camera.

There are far too many potential causes for anyone to know what made the deer run in the other direction, but previous videos from this creator indicate there is a large one-eyed deer roaming the woods. This large cyclops of a deer has wandered close enough to cameras to show only one eye reflects light, although the injury is not clearly visible on the grainy trail camera footage.

Could this single-eyed deer be something more? Appalachian folklore tells tales of the not-deer, a strange creature that is often described to be like a deer but wrong somehow. Often it will be described as having extra parts such as eyes or legs, or not quite enough parts as in the case of a single eye. They are also frequently said to display eerily human qualities, such as walking upright on two legs in a way that deer should not be able to do.  

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