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Here's How to Make a Traditional Witchy Broom For Home Decor

Add some cinnamon and you're ready for the holidays!

With the holidays approaching, any people will be spending this week and weekend decorating their home for the winter. Putting up trees and lights, stringing garlands, making ornaments, and hanging mistletoe. One popular option for decorations, beyond wreaths, is broom or broom-shaped hangings. Based on traditional folkloric or pagan traditions about luck and positive energy, cinnamon-scented brooms strung with flowers and berries are a sweet-smelling and time-honored tradition in many houses.

Here is how to make your own.

In the video, a man describes the process for making a traditional decorative broom out of benches and twigs. First, find a bunch of dead tree branches. You want long, supple sticks, of similar length and width. Gather them together and around either a longer stick to use as the “handle” or else another bundle of longer branches. Tie these at the top with a bit of twine or even a zip tie. Then you can cover this fastening with a leather belt or decorative ribbon.

Another option is to paint the twine to match your color scheme.

You can then decorate the broom to your heart’s content. Holly sprigs, winter berries, flowers, fake snow, and glitter are all appropriate for winter festivities. Then, spritz liberally with cinnamon oil, vanilla, or pine oil for a scent that will make your house homey all thought the holidays.

Brooms hung over the door or placed at your threshold are traditionally thought to bring luck, to keep negativity out of your home, or to symbolize abundance.

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