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Men Follow Tracks of Mysterious Creature Stealing Their Chickens

That awkward moment when you're trying to run away but the snowmobile won't start...

These men believe believe a bigfoot has been stealing their livestock so they made a plan to try and catch it. They’ve been finding the door to their chicken coop open each morning and they demonstrate the wooden latch that they’ve been using to secure the door each night. The men are going to monitor the coop in the evening which coincides with a fresh snow on the forecast that will allow them to hopefully track the creature. They make two-hour rounds to check on the coop and around 1 A.M. they find the door opened. Large tracks are easily seen against the fresh snow and the men have a snowmobile ready to follow them.  

The follow the tracks about a quarter mile into federal land before having to go on foot. They keep following the tracks until they disappear and the only conclusion the men can draw is that the creature went up. They begin shining the flashlight in the trees looking for any signs of where it went and then a ferocious barking noise makes them jump and take off back to their snowmobile. Then just like a horror movie it won’t start at first! Rest assured they did make it to safety to resume their bigfoot hunt again another night.

Does the legendary sasquatch like to chow down on some chicken? The debate over what these creatures might eat if they exist is often frustrated by the amount of food it would take to sustain even a small living population of large terrestrial mammals is huge and would likely have a noticeable impact measurable by humans searching for them. The diversity of habitats in which these creatures have been sighted also contribute to the mystery, with many believing this means they must have a highly adaptable diet, similar to humans. And humans do love chicken.  

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