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Mom and Baby Insist Toy Car is Haunted

This kid knows what's what.

The winter is long and cold and dark, and we’re all looking to break up the monotony and do something a little different. Maybe it’s the school vacations and the lack of childcare. Maybe we’re stir-crazy in the dreary winter weather. But now is the time when you see folks on TikTok getting super creative. Not coincidentally, it’s also the time when “ghost videos” online proliferate. From tying fishing line to your kitchen cabinets to buying a green screen suit off the internet and using it to create some home movie magic, the amount of paranormal content being made for giggles or even for clout is at an all-time high.

But they aren’t all as adorable as this one.

In this video, a woman is calling to her toddler daughter across the room. Between them tends one of those little hollow-bottomed toy cars of the kind kids have been playing with since I was running around in diapers myself. With its red sides and cheery yellow roof, it doesn’t seem to harbor any evil intentions.

But then, as the child comes closer, the car appears to move on its own, wheeling around as if ready to either run the kid down or offer her a ride.

Must be the latter, as at the end of the vide, the door opens.

“What’s happening with your car?” the mom asks the tot.

“Haunted!” the kid cries.

It’s so cute. She knows her lines and everything!

In the comments, viewers point out the light shimmering off the fishing line or similar string responsible for this ghostly effect. (I had to watch it several times to catch it, myself.) But is pointing out the fakeness the fun part of a magic show? Especially such a sweet one as this?

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