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Don’t Panic If You Pull the Tower Card in Tarot

What does it really mean?

Pulling the Tower card can leave many with a sense of dread and foreboding but this woman used it as inspiration for a spectacular entry in her Book of Shadows. She uses several cards from various tarot decks to decorate one side of the spread and then creates her own beautiful tower image on the other side. It resembles a chess rook style tower that is on fire and being struck by lightning, but around it swirl clouds of rainbows that give a sense of hope despite the dark imagery.  

The tower card is interpreted as symbolizing sudden and disruptive change as well as role reversals. While that all sounds pretty dark and depressing, it’s not necessarily predictive of bad times. In fact, when things are already quite bad this card can actually signal a great and wonderful change is coming - a disruption of the status quo is welcome when the status quo is terrible!  

Those who use the tarot deck as a lens for dream interpretation believe the card or dreams of towers themselves can imply that your old belief system is no longer working for you and it’s time to shake up old patterns and try new things. Dissatisfaction is a sign to reinvent your life. It can also be a signal to accept change. Changes will come and go and while that can be scary, accepting it as a fact can let one ride the waves of change without the destruction often portrayed in the tower card’s imagery. 

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