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Tom DeLonge, Rock Star and UFO Expert, Is Turning His Attention to Bigfoot

Atlantis is surely next...
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Tom DeLonge, a musician best known for his work in the band Blink-182, has long been something of a UFO aficionado. During his career, he’d often leave his tour bus to go look for UFOs and other strange unknowns. In 2016, he published a novel, Sekret Machines, co-written with novelist and Shakespeare professor A.J. Hartley, exploring various theories on UFO research and whether or not the government was making crafts using the stolen technology. After his company, To the Stars, released classified UFO videos, the government was forced to declassify what the DOJ actually cited as the “Tom DeLonge videos” in 2019.

So to say he’s been a big mover and shaker in the UFO recognition movement is an understatement. Now, though, DeLonge has a new target, and this one is not in the skies, but instead, the woods. 


In the letter to fans, DeLonge talks about his long-held interest in the search for the truth about Bigfoot. In fact, in his Blink-182 days, his bandmates said he’d often lead searches whenever their tours took them to a Sasquatch hotspot.

“The U.S. Government has researched this phenomenon and there is potential genetic evidence that scientists are finding difficult to decode,” the letter reads, in part. DeLonge goes on to write about other factors of this prevalent and enduring mystery that he is interested in exploring.

Folks in the r/Bigfoot Reddit group don’t seem particularly thrilled to have this spotlight turned on their pet hobby, but mostly their grumbles sound like folks angry that their favorite bar has gotten too popular. If DeLonge can do for Sasquatch what he’s done for UFOs, wouldn’t that be a good thing?