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Witch Believes Gisele Is “Calling Her Power Back” From Tom Brady

This isn’t a coincidence...

Football legend Tom Brady and his wife, model Gisele Bündchen are rumored to be ending their marriage and living separately, and the internet is on fire with hot takes. “It looks like she sucked his soul out of his body and she’s carrying it around in a shell on a necklace, like Ursula the Sea Witch,” jokes one woman, displaying a photo of Brady in which he’s looking peaked and drawn.

Perhaps this opinion is not that far from the truth. As this witch says, the gifts of a magic worker are not always the permanent kind.


According to this bruja, it is well-documented that Bündchen is a witch and that Brady has often talked about the rituals she has performed for him over the years. As Bündchen is from Brazil, it is entirely possible that she participates in this Latin American magical tradition. And now, according to this witch, she is taking her powers back.

“You can do whatever you want after you screw me over but trust and believe that as you move forward in life that everything I have given you is coming with me,” the witch says, arguing that this is exactly what Gisele is doing now that their marriage is over. She has been photographed at a spiritual healer, so maybe there is some truth to this story.

“He needs to just give her anything she wants from the divorce and pray that was enough to get away clean,” says one comment. However, they needn’t worry about Gisele. Sources claim that although both people are hundred millionaires in their own right, she has significantly more money than her husband.