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Mom Shows Off Her “Little Witch” Blessing Her Bedroom

What a cutie!

“I bless this space with love” a tiny toddler chants with her mother for a Sunday cleansing ritual. They often do this together but this time the little kiddo wanted to try it on her own.


This mother and daughter witchy duo go through the words together while the child gently swirls a miniature cauldron around to dispense the magical smoke. The herbal incense mix is comprised of sage, palo santo, cedar, and rosemary.

“I invite loving energies into my room. All energies that are not loving must go. I bless this space with love.” The two say together, to set the energies and intentions of their home.

It is a widespread belief that spiritually cleaning one’s home is just as important as physically cleaning it, so often the two are mixed together into a Kitchen Witchcraft that begins with decluttering the space.

Most people use herbal incense and smoke to clear the space after decluttering, with the most popular mixtures including sage and palo Santo. There are several alternatives for those with sensitivities or different preferences, such as candles, moon water, salt, and sounds. Sound based cleansing can feature singing bowls, tuning forks, and chanting. 

These home cleansing rituals can be very quick and simple when performed along basic housekeeping, helping your personal spaces feel more comforting and inviting. It's never too early to get your little ones in the habit of cleaning their spaces, both practically and with spiritual intentions.