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Toddler Seems to Walk Through Solid Object

This is going to make it hard to toddler-proof their house.

A father sets his adorable toddler daughter behind a baby gate and tells her “Daddy’s going to be right back, okay?” But the kid took issue with that and toddled right through the baby gate, seemingly through the solid bars. She doesn’t turn her body to slip through the space between the bars, but seems to just walk through them as if they aren’t even there. The dad is left demanding “How? How?” The bars clearly seem too close together for the child to slip between them. 

Her parents assume she will be receiving her entry letter to Hogwarts at age eleven, as this is some clear witchery. Some believe this little one was able to use her mind to change matter to slip through the bars in some sort of display of telekinesis. Others think the little girl may be on track to be the next Harry Houdini, creating illusions of escape from seemingly impossible situations. 

One commenter even implies the adorable little girl might be a changeling, swapped by the fairies for the real girl. Historically changelings were used derogatorily to explain away things medical science had yet to explain, however these stories have shifted canonically over time for a modern representation of more extraordinary children with gifts that are to be cherished rather than seen as a stolen child.

Skeptics, of course, blame video editing tricks or deceptive camera angles that make the gate bars seem closer than they are.

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