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Mom Catches Toddler Playing With Uncle Who Died Just Two Months Ago

Some say you can clearly hear him in the video too!

It’s pretty to think that the spirits of those we loved in life hang around as our guardian angels. It’s even prettier think that children have a special connection to this otherworldly energy. And yet, how else to explain how often it seems that children have stories about special imaginary friends that seem to share so many characteristics of loved ones that have passed on? If a child is going to be haunted, it’s a relief to know it’s by a benevolent spirit, and one that isn’t a stranger.

In this video, a mother catches a toddler speaking to something unseen, but very familiar to the family. 


The little girl in this video is clearly overjoyed to be conversing with her unseen friend, and happily calls him by name. “Uncle!” she shouts, beaming, when her mother asks her who it is she’s talking to. Toward the end of the video she puts her finger to her lips and says, “Shhh.” This move, her mother explains was a game that she and her uncle used to play, where he’d get her all riled upend then calm her down by putting his finger on his lips and saying “Shhh.”

As the man the child calls “Uncle” died a few months earlier, it must be a great comfort to the family to know that he’s still watching out for them.

Viewers of the video are moved, and also claim they can hear a voice saying, “Say Uncle” on the recording. I can’t catch that voice myself, but the mother says she only heard it on playback, in keeping with the theory of “electronic voice phenomena.”