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Toddler Warns Mom About the "Scary Thing" Floating In Their House

Listen to the wise youth and get out!

There are many people who believe that young children have a special insight into the world of the supernatural, that they are capable of seeing ghosts, or that their “imaginary friends” are really deceased ancestors or other loved ones acting as paranormal playmates. Other children seem to exhibit psychic qualities from a young age, claiming to see dead people, or remember bits from their past lives.

For this child, his attempts to alert his mother to something scary in their room did not go as well as he clearly hopes.


In the video, a little boy is very clearly telling his mother that he sees a ghost in the hallway. At first, she says there is no ghost, but then she remembers that it’s important to validate his feelings on the matter and tells the ghosts to “go away.”

(Note: telling a ghost to leave is, according to many experts in the paranormal, a shockingly simple way to deal with most supernatural intrusions. You don’t always have to jump directly too moving. Sometimes, it’s enough to tell a spirit that its presence is unwanted.)

This doesn’t exactly do the trick in this instance, however. He soon asks his mother if they can go to another room because whatever this scary thing is, it’s not going away.

Kids do say the darnedest things, but when your kid says they see something scary in the room with you, what is the right response

Experts agree that it’s important to engage with the child’s emotion and communicate with them about their fears, whether or not you believe what they see is a product of imagination or a supernatural reality. 

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