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Toddler Tries to Convince Parents There’s Something In Their Room But No One Else Can See It

Pro tip: Believe her.

There are many who believe that little children have a special ability to sense the supernatural, and stories abound of kids who have imaginary playmates who resemble relatives who passed away, or who can tell when something is not quite right in their brand new haunted house. Tis child has been seeing spirits for a while now. At first she was scared, but now she seems to have a system down, and just wants to warn her parents that there is something supernatural lurking in their bedroom.


Her adorable toddler lisp can be difficult to parse, but it seems as if she is informing her parents that there are “ghosts” in their room.

Touchingly, her parents do not tell her they are wrong, but keep asking her questions, getting her to describe what she sees, what she’s feeling, and what she thinks of these things. Are the ghosts nice? No. Are they mean? She thinks so.

She’s also happy to tell them to “Go away!” When they bother her, waving her hands at them.

The child’s mother says she and her own mother were also sensitive to the presence of the paranormal, so she wants to validate her daughter’s experiences, whatever they happen to be, as well as protect her from any malicious intentions.

Though it can be scary to have a child who is sensing something in your house that you are not, especially if the presence is “not nice”, the best thing you can do is listen to your children, for whatever it is that they are seeing, it’s real to them.