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Toddler Tells Grandmom She Sees Someone In the Corner Of the Room Who Isn’t Actually There

She scared the bejesus out of her!

Kids do say the darnedest things. From hilarious malapropisms to blurting out sensitive information in the grocery store check out line, children are known for beginning conversations that mystify the adults around them. Some even believe that children are able to see ghosts.

This woman caught sight of her toddler grandchild noticing someone in the next room—a person who wasn’t there. 


She and the child are playing happily in her living room when the girl startles and says “oh, he’s coming.” Confused, the grandmother responds, “who is coming?”, possibly thinking this is a game.

 But you can tell from the child’s expression that she is dead serious. She never changes the direction of her focus as she stares right at this invisible creature. “You see someone?” The grandmother asks. “Yeah,” the toddler replies. “Him.”

“Who do you see?” The grandmother asks, not missing a beat.

“A guy!”

Her grandmother says, “Show him to me,” but the baby isn’t going anywhere near the entity, backing away as her grandmother circles the couch, calling out “What are you doing in our living room, mister?”

The clip ends after both child and adult tell the entity in no uncertain terms to get out of their house. Then the grandmother takes the toddler by the hand and says, “Let’s go upstairs. You’re creeping me out.”

And it is, indeed, a touch unnerving. But overall, this video is a wholesome demonstration of a loving caregiver believing what her charge tells her, no matter how outlandish it might seem. For we have no idea what little children might be able to see, and it’s uplifting to see a grandmother validate this child’s experience, and be there to watch over her, no matter what.