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Woman Convinced Her 3 Year Old Saw Her Deceased Mother As An Angel In The Sky

"Look, it's grandma!"

Many believe that the spirits of those we loved in life hang around as our guardian angels, and that children have a special connection to this otherworldly energy. Stories abound of children who have special imaginary friends that seem to share characteristics of loved ones that have passed on. Is it merely a coincidence, or is it a sign of something more? And how else to explain a small child’s insistence that they are visited by their loved ones, or that they seem them at night or even in the sky.

This woman is convinced that her three year old did indeed see her recently-deceased grandmother smiling down on her from heaven. 


In the video, which appears to be a porch security camera, a child is playing in the driveway while her mom unpacks the car. At first, she’s just shouting about the moon in the sky, insisting her mother take a look.

“There’s a moon?” The woman repeats, in a tone of voice familiar to every parent in the midst of another task but who also wants their child to know she is being heard. “It’s beautiful.”

But then the little girl makes another discovery.

“Look, it’s grandma!” she exclaims. And the woman, bless her, looks up into the sky.

The caption on the video reads, “My Momma passed in March. I think my little girl saw her.”

In the comments, people believe the child as well. They also talk about how much the clip moved them, and reminded them of their own children’s encounters with the divine.

The mother agrees. “Not going to lie, I cry every time I watch.”