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Toddler Insists He Sees a "Dead Girl" in a Tree

He's got a sixth sense.

Many people believe children have extra insight into the world of the supernatural. That they can all see dead people, or they have close personal relationships with guardian angels, or connections to their past lives. This psychic medium also began seeing into the beyond as a child, so when she saw this video of a young boy telling his mother about the “dead girl” in the tree, she knew exactly what he was talking about. 


In the video, a mother films her child in the backseat of the car, looking out the window and insisting that he sees a girl in the tree. “She’s on her tummy. She’s dead,” the child claims. “Are you sure?” asks his mother. “I don’t see anybody.” But the child is not to be denied. “She’s dead! Look! See? I see it!”

In a green screen response, this psychic has no doubt. “I was this age when I started seeing Spirit,” she writes in a caption. “Kids see more than we can. Believe them.”

Viewers agree in the comments section. “I also started seeing ghosts at this age,” one admits, while others share stories of the spirits that their children and grandchildren have told them about. One asks how it’s possible that this child knows the difference between the dead and the living, but the psychic assures them that if the child is tuned into this supernatural energy, they know just fine.

The good news is that, according to this little boy, dead or not, the girl in the tree is “okay.”