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Camera Catches Ghost Pulling Toy Out of Toddler's Hands

Leave her alone!

A “poltergeist” is a term for a ghostly presence that makes itself known by moving objects around. It comes from two German words: poltern, which means “to make a disturbance” and geist, which means “ghost”.

Usually, poltergeists stick to moving items that are sitting on shelves.But sometimes, as in the classic eighties movies, they set their sights on little kids who may do a better job noticing them than the adults in the house.

And that seems to be what is happening in this chilling video. 


In this video a toddler is standing in a kitchen, talking to what at first appears to be an imaginary friend. She offers it a box of what looks like pet treats, and then, shockingly, begins to struggle with the box, as if something invisible is pulling it out of her hands. Next, they have a very similar tussle over a brightly colored case.

What is going on here?

Is it possible that this entire video is a set up and this two or three year old child is actually a brilliant physical actress, able to mime an astoundingly realistic tug-of-war over some toys? If so, then this little lady deserves an Oscar.

But there doesn’t appear to be any strings attached to the items, as she turns around and walks off with them.

If there is indeed a poltergeist in the kitchen, this family should be relieved that this little child is not letting the spirit walk all over her. Good boundaries are important to set with playmates, whether they are living or dead.