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Toddler Swears ‘5 Friends’ Visit Him In His Room and Dad Thinks He’s Being Haunted

They evidently go back to the playground when they leave him...

There are many who believe that little children have a special ability to sense the supernatural, and stories abound of kids who have imaginary playmates who resemble relatives who passed away, or who can tell when something is not quite right in their brand new haunted house. This child also has friends (five of them!) he claims visits him in his room and hang out at the local playground. 


In this video, a father tries to coax from his child a story he has been telling about “five friends” who visit the little boy in his room. The boy appears to be only two or three at most, which makes his ability to keep count of five invisible creatures all the more impressive. He’s also quite determined when it comes to the details of his story, and had no qualms about telling his dad yes or no to his more probing, and in some cases, rather offensive questions. I especially love his indignation at the idea that he “pooped” as well as that he might be “fibbing.”

The boy does not seem scared of the ghosts who visits, and indeed, claims that when they are done saying hi, they hang out at the local playground. The parents actually go so far as to visit said playground, where they proceed to take a phenomenally creepy video of their kid pushing a ghostly white, but utterly empty swing, and then getting a bit scared themselves when he dashes off into the darkness to meet his spirit companions.

Maybe we shouldn’t be encouraging this, folks. I mean, do you want to lose your kid to the fairy folk? Because this is how you get a Changeling