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Mom Claims She Cosleeps With Her Toddler Because of the ‘Ghost’ That Visits Her At Night

Forget co-sleeping, it’s time to move.

Proponents of co-sleeping, where a baby or small child sleeps in bed with their parents rather than in a crib or in their own room, say it makes for a more restful night for everyone in the family. Children can be soothed more easily upon waking if they are only a cuddle away, rather than all alone in the next room. But after hearing this woman’s story, I can think of a few other benefits to the practice!


In this video, a woman tells a harrowing story about why her toddler now sleeps in her bed full time. Apparently, the child used to sleep in her own room, but after a series of what the parents believed to be “night terrors” — nightmares from which the child would wake up screaming and could not be soothed—they relented and let the little girl stay with them.

Determined to rectify the situation, this young mother suggested they play with the girl’s favorite toys in her room, figuring that if she made it a “fun space” that the child would have better associations with the room and would be more willing to spend the night there. But the kid refused.

“Mommy, there’s someone else who comes in here,” her daughter explained. “She looks just like you, but I know she’s not you.” Shaken, the mother asks for more information which the child readily provides. “She wants me to follow her inside my closet, and I don’t want to go with her.”

Yeah, no kidding!

When the mother heard that, she was more than willing to allow the child to remain in their room, at least until they figured out what it is that is threatening their daughter in their own house.