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Mom Hears Toddler Talking Through His Baby Monitor To His ‘Friend’ Who’s Nowhere To Be Seen

Um, it might be time to call in reinforcements.

There are many who believe that the “imaginary friends” of little children are not imaginary at all, but rather spirits or ghosts that the young can see due to their innocence, higher sensitivity, or open minds. This TikToker has been documenting her child’s interactions with his imaginary friends, who he often describes as “dead.”


In this video, TikToker gandaspace comes into her child’s room late at night to investigate sounds she heard over the baby monitor. When she first enters, he’s sitting up in bed, seemingly chatting with something invisible.

But when he sees her come in, he turns around and then immediately closes his eyes and goes very still, as if he’s asleep. It’s….eerie.

In a follow-up video, the little boy is lying down again, and his mother is searching for the source of the noises in his room. Was he just talking in his sleep? As she looks under and around the boy’s bed, he rolls over and tells her, “My friends say hi, by the way.”



What makes this video so unsettling is that you are never really sure if the child is asleep and talking to himself, or what. Also, why did he go so still? And if he was talking to himself, why did he pass along the message froths unknown friends? We have so many questions, as do this boy’s parents.

Many adult psychics claim that their powers manifested in early childhood, that they were always “haunted”. Perhaps that is what is going on with this very small boy.