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Woman Shares Her Story About Visits From Aliens

Her experiences are wild!
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“I wasn’t sure that I was ever really going to tell anybody this,” begins a woman on a TikTok confessional, “I don’t want to freak everyone out, because I’m fine.” Then she begins to describe her ongoing and long-term interaction with what she thinks might be alien ships.


For about seven or eight years, she claims, she would wake up in the middle of the night and see a strange object floating in her room. At first, the object appeared to her as a “helium balloon.” But lately, in the past ten months or so, they have appeared to her as tiny, intricate, and distinct alien ships. Most recently, one “little red one —it was so cute!” Finished its circuit of her bedroom, then opened a portal in the air and vanished through it.

These experiences have not scared her, and is keeping with her burgeoning spiritual understanding. She also claims to see bright blue orbs on a daily basis. She hasn’t come out with it before for fear of sounding unbalanced,

Though seeing things that others can’t, can often make the person experiencing it very uneasy, there is nothing inherently wrong or unsafe about it. Our brains are mysterious things, and input signals are not always as clear cut as we like to think. For example, hypnagogic hallucinations, or sensing something that is not present with any of your five senses right as you are falling asleep or waking up, are a very common experience for many people. It’s like having a dream while still being awake. Additionally, studies have also shown that people who “hear voices” may actually be detecting sub-vocalizations inside their own heads — they are talking to themselves without even realizing it.

Whether she’s being visited monthly by aliens or tapping into another plane, there is nothing to worry about.