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Famous TikToker Goes Ghost Hunting With Astounding Results

See Celina Spooky Boo in action!

TikToker Celia Spooky Boo is known on social media for her pun-filled videos, but she’s also an experienced paranormal investigator, the host of the spooky podcast “The Haunted Estate”, and a self-proclaimed psychic who says she has been able to see ghosts her entire life. Her past working as a medium informed her 2016 book Home Readings, and she used to travel the country with a pastor and exorcist, doing work in this rarefied world.

Now, as she dips her toe back into the supernatural world, Celina Spooky Boo is sharing some of the new things she’s learning about the land beyond death.


In this video, Celina Spooky Boo teases a recent ghost hunting trip she went on, where she engaged in the practice known as the Estes Method. This method of spirit communication involves using a “spirit box” (a transmogrified radio that sweeps through stations and that ghosts can supposedly use to transmit words they find on the radio channels) combined with a blindfolded person wearing earphones, so that the only input they are supposedly hearing is whatever comes out of the box.

This was, supposedly, the other ghost hunters in the room can ask the spirit questions that only the blindfolded person can hear answer to through the box. This supposed to prevent bias by observers, i.e., filling in the blanks with what the observers want the ghosts to say.

In the video, you can apparently hear the ghost of a voice who isn’t even using the box! She also teases the full-length video on YouTube where you can see exactly what she heard. Check it out.