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‘Sea Witch’ Says Tide Pools Are Actually Portals to Other Worlds

Water magic is fascinating...

Tide pools may be the ultimate in liminal spaces. Not the sea, not the land, and as ephemeral as the water flow that creates them, these pools are not only important and fragile ecosystems but are also thought to have powerful mystical energies. 


In this video, TikTok “sea witch” @the_vespertine talks about the beauty and magic of tide pools. Because the warm waters of the pools are often used by sea creatures for spawning or corralling of juveniles, the warm waters found there have similar “metaphysical energies” to the waters of the womb, and magic workers use it for healing, protection, and fertility.

When visiting tide pools it is important to remember that they are a delicate ecosystem that can be easily disturbed or even destroyed by humans who aren’t being careful. If you do close to take a sample of water from a tide pool, make sure there is plenty left behind for the creatures who call this pocket universe their home. 

The National Ocean Service has several tips and bits of advice for those choosing to visit tide pools. First, the best time to visit is at low tide, when the pools are at their most defined and the life concentrated there is at its highest. When walking, try to choose footholds on bare rocks rather than ones covered in slippery algae or sharp barnacles. If you choose to peek under a rock, put it back where you found it and do not disturb crabs, snails, or other plants or animals. Do not collect rare or endangered intertidal species; it is illegal to do so in many areas, and kind of a jerk move anyway.

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Otherwise, enjoy this glimpse into a strange and otherworldly zone.

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