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Tic-tac UFO Sighting in the Daytime Skies of Bradenton Florida

Do you know what it is?

How do you tell your best friend you have to hang up so you can record a UFO dashing across the sky? This woman did just that to catch a flying saucer before it disappeared behind a house. She zooms all the way in on a white Tic-tac shaped craft maintaining a steady horizontal path through the clear blue sky. 

This oblong aircraft zipping through the skies shows no sign of wings and the woman confirms it clearly did not have any she could see in person either. This is consistent with many of the recently declassified government documents regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Many believe these reports were released to begin to prepare the country for more UFO sightings and eventually alien interaction. 

This isn’t the first time this Florida resident has witnessed such a craft either, she claims to see them nearly weekly around the area. UFO and alien hunters may want to host their own sky watch parties in the area to document the dates, times, and flight paths of these unknown ships.  

Such citizen gathered data may prove pivotal in gaining further government declassifications and transparency regarding the strange lights and crafts so many people have seen with their own eyes. 

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