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Indigenous Throat Singer Films Himself Singing In Woods and Discovers He Has Creepy ‘Fan’

It certainly didn’t look human.

A TikTok clip went viral recently not due to the creator’s skillful overtone throat singing, which seemed to charm the very woodland creatures in the area, but for a far spookier reason.


In this video, throat singer Terencendence was going live in the woods to better showcase his talents, which are traditional to some Canadian First Nations communities, when he discovered that he had some IRL fans right there with him in the forest.

At first, he was excited to see that a deer had stopped to listen to his song. The creature is entranced, drawing closer and closer to listen to the otherworldly noises the man is making.

But then, his online viewers freaked out, not because of the deer, but due to the strange creatures seen emerging from the trees nearby. They were tall and thin, vaguely humanoid, with odd black and white features.

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Terencendence didn’t notice them at the time, but soon thereafter, the clip went viral. Many other TikTokers, especially those interested in the paranormal, weighed in on the sighting. What were these forest creatures drawn in by the song?

Some claim they were just other people, hikers in the forest who were intrigued by the noises too. “He’s wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses,” insisted one. “You just can’t tell because there is a bad connection and the image is distorted.”

Another claims if you “clean the video up” you can see that these monsters are really just other deer, also drawn in by the song. That would certainly explain why the first deer didn’t seem fazed by their presence, particularly because deer do tend to graze in groups.

Either that or it’s a nature spirit, heeding an Native siren’s call. 

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