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Do These Three Things On the Eve of the Summer Solstice

Get your spirit ready for summer!

This week marks the summer solstice, or the halfway point in the wheel of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are at their longest, and all that sunlight and warmth is giving us extra energy toward our goals for the year. What is the best way to take advantage of Midsummer and set your intentions going forward for the rest of the year? This video gives you a map.


Step 1: Celebrate your progress or wins. The first thing to do is pat yourself on the back. Take stock of what you’ve managed to accomplish this year, whether it’s a big win or just surviving through these maddening times. Little accomplishments are totally fine. It’s time to celebrate, even if it’s just that you made your bed.

Step 2: Clear the energy in your body. For a true solstice reset, it helps to start with a blank slate. The video recommends an evening walk in nature, or perhaps a bath with Epsom salts and summer florals (or essential oils). “It’s not enough just to write things down or think positive thoughts,” advises the woman in the video. “You really want to get the energy in your body flowing.”

Step 3: Put your attention on the things that are going right, and the things that you want to. This is not the night to focus on the problems and chaos of the world. They will still be here tomorrow. The summer solstice is for positivity, so make sure you take the night off from “doom scrolling” and set the stage for a good back half. 

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