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This Haunted Restaurant in Connecticut Is An Old Jailhouse

They're definitely leaning into the spooky vibes...

Back in the 1850s, this building, on a residential street in Middletown, Connecticut, was home to the Pameacha Jail. But for many years now, it has hosted restaurants, most recently Harrie’s Jailhouse, an upscale sandwich shop and cocktail bar that is leaning way into the spooky vibes not only of its dark history, but also of the spirits that supposedly haunt the venue.

A decade ago, the location was even featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters, and the owners say they have noticed the occasional odd occurrence on the premises.


According to local lore, the restaurant is haunted by the ghost of a little girl named Sarah (whom, one presumes, was never an inmate in the jail), and visitors report seeing her on the property. In this video, the spooky tourist says that she didn’t see any spiritual presence, although she did notice the lights flicker. In the comments, one person relates a particularly haunting story: “One of my friends said she watched the tv remote fly off the tv towards the bar one night!”

But despite the paranormal vibes, everyone says they love the restaurant. The food is apparently spectacular, with favorite menu items including Jailhouse-themed cocktails like Jailhouse Fashion (an old-fashioned), Pameacha Punch, and El Warden. The sandwiches also nod to the buildings history, with names like The ‘Pen’, Folsom Chicken, and the Jailbird.

Owner Heather Kelly says they have learned to live in harmony with little Sarah, telling CT Insider, “[Anytime] it just feels like a weird vibe, we put a mocktail out for her so she feels included.”