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Clear Your Third Eye Before Going to Sleep

Guarantee a more peaceful slumber.
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Believers in chakras think there is a mystical “third eye” located at the center of the forehead, which provides intuition, insight, and vision into higher realms of consciousness. This chakra, also called ajna, is related to perception, awareness, and wisdom. People on a spiritual path often believe that opening this third eye is vital to progress toward enlightenment.

Intuitive and energy healer Oliver Niño, better known to his fans as “the spiritual activator”, is a big fan of third eye massage. Many of his TikTok videos center on activating, relaxing, clearing, or otherwise manipulating this third eye energy.

In this video Niño advises people to “clear” their third eye while they sleep. According to him, an open third eye can collect a lot of negative energy and spiritual and emotional “clutter” during the day. Therefore, it’s essential to clean it out before sleeping in order to maintain spiritual wellbeing and get a restful sleep.

He instructs viewers to start by massaging their third eye to activate it, then, to either draw out or scoop out this negative spiritual “gunk” as if pulling gum off a wall.

Literally throw this negative energy toward the ground, then visualize a bright light coming down from above to clear it all away.

He says that dong this before bed every night will help clear our mind and allowarestfful sleep, with more chance to connect with your spiritual self on the astral realm.

Try it tonight!

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