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Woman Working in 100 Year Old Theater Catches Ghost Opening Door

At least it's obedient!
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Spend any time looking at ghost videos or watching horror movies and you might think the problem of a haunting is intractable. According to the rules set forth in films like The Conjuring and its ilk, there are some houses that just have evil spirits in them, and the only option is to move, burn it, salt the Earth, etc. In fact, to this day the owners of “The Conjuring House” have made an entire industry out of exploiting the evil entity they claim resides within.

But what if we aren’t giving ghosts the benefit of the doubt? They can be just as polite neighbors, roommates, or residents as anyone else. Take the spirit who appears to be haunting this hundred-year-old theater.

In the video, an employee of the theater is scared by what she says is the appearance of a disembodied spirit. As she films, frightened, from the next room, the spirit opens a heavy, metal fire door. She claims there is no one else in the building with her, and that there’s no way that door could move on its own. Her emotions appear to be genuine.

But then, rallying, she tells the entity to shut the door. After a moment, it complies!

There is a lesson to be learned here. Perhaps ghosts are not always something to be feared, but something that it’s important to learn to communicate with. This ghost doesn’t seem unreasonable, n retrospect, and now that she learns she can work with it, maybe she won’t be so scared.

That door should not be opened. Shut it. Simple as that.

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