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Actress Rachel True of ‘The Craft’ Is a Witch IRL and Designed Her Own Tarot Deck

This is not a drill, people!

The 90s teen classic The Craft tells a story about four high school girls who fight back against sexism, racism, trauma, and abuse by finding their feminine power in witchy magic. A foundational film for many Gen X and Millennial witches, promotion of the film was sadly marred by the same kind of racist assumptions suffered by the lone black witch in the cast: Rochelle, played by actress Rachel True. True has spoken extensively about feeling left out of various promotional opportunities (and even posters) of the movie, and as recently as 2019 she was excluded from a “cast reunion” being held at a convention.

True is also a practicing witch in real life, and has used her intuitive practices and therapy work to design her own inclusive tarot deck called True Heart. 


This video reviews the True Heart deck, which features depictions of humans from a variety of racial backgrounds and all kinds of body types and appearances. Fans of Tarot and intuitive decks who have felt excluded by other artistic depictions can rejoice in the diversity in this artwork, as well as enjoy True’s personal essays that accompany each card in the guidebook.

This deck is not your traditional occult Tarot deck and True has altered many of the standard iconography and meanings of the cards in order to create a more intuitive and modern experience for those who are looking for something a bit different. For many Tarot enthusiasts, proper readings are about personal experience as much if not more than whatever the strict meaning is listed in a book. If that is your style, then these cards might be a beautiful addition to your practice. 

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