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Woman Buys Tennessee’s Infamous ‘Hell House’ and Takes TikTok on Virtual Tour

Can’t say we’d scoop this one up even in this market...

Only four states specifically address paranormal activity in their real estate laws, and none of those are Tennessee. Nevertheless, this house’s dreadful reputation is well known to the woman who bought it, and she can’t wait to tell you all the gruesome details in a macabre tour.


In the video, TikToker Judy takes you on a tour of the trash-filled, scary-looking environs of a “hell house” she bought in Tennessee. Presumably she got this place for a song, seeing as not only filled with debris, collapsed ceilings, broken-down doors, and other disasters, but it also the location of not one, not two, but half a dozen murders and attempted murders. 

From holes in the wall where a madman attempted to break into a room to hurt his own children, The Shining-style, to a bathtub where a malicious spirit commanded a little boy to drown his sister, there doesn’t seem to be an inch of this home that any human being would like to spend time in. The previous residents left all their belongings there in their rush to vacate the premises, and one is left wondering why Judy is taking it on. Even if it wasn't clearly cursed, it's a real dump. 

She claims she brought a pastor in to bless the house, but the moment he began to pray, the windows started to crack. Another time, an unsettling presence made her adult son bolt from a room he was working in, only to trip on a step in the floor, fall and break his nose. 

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Judy, we gotta ask: what are you thinking?

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