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What it Means When You Pull the "Temperance" Card in Tarot

Has this been happening a lot to you?
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With the turn of the year, many folks ave made resolutions. A lot of them are about taking up new goals and hobbies, but sometimes they are about finding more balance in your life. Occasionally, they are even about learning to abstain from activities and substances that might be doing you harm. And though “temperance” can certainly mean that, it’s not necessarily the only meaning. Are you pulling the Temperance card in your recent tarot readings? Here is what it might mean, and what you can do afterward.

In this video, a TikTok tarot expert explains that the temperance card doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for you to swear off alcohol or sugary snacks. Rather, Temperance can be taken more broadly. It is one of the three “virtue” cards in the deck, representing three of the cardinal virtues.

“Temperance is one of the most meditative cards of Tarot. It's about self-healing. It encourages you to reconnect with your ancestral roots. It's about equanimity in the midst of strife,” writes Andrea Lawrence in this article on the Temperance card.

The Temperance card urges you to find balance in your life, to take stock of what is importance, and to practice patience.

In the video, it is recommended to journal if you find yourself pulling this card. Ask yourself who or what you have been impatient with lately, and how that might be mirroring and imbalance within yourself.

Happy New Year!

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