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Mom Claims She Taught Her Daughter How to Use Telepathy

And here’s how she did it.

“If you’re not trying this with your kid yet, give it a try.” A mom on TikTok claims she has trained her daughter to be telepathic so they can send messages back and forth to each other through the power of their mind and their “personal gods” or guardian angels. 


In the video, a mom and her adorable daughter share the story of a sweet ritual, in which they sent each other sand-written messages or beautiful imagery in order to train their psychic powers.

The technique seems pretty simple, and could work, whether or not you have a personal relationship with your guardian angel.

With your mind’s eye, create a picture (such as a butterfly and a horse.” Then set the intention to send it. That’s all.

Her daughter says she uses her “guardian angel” to gather the messages that she has been sent, and I never thought of those entities being like spiritual secretaries, but given that they are there to protect you from dark forces and only let the good ones through, that makes perfect sense.

Her daughter reports that she gets the images from her guardian angels at night, when she’s about to fall asleep. According to the woman, this is the time when “theta” brainwaves are at their most powerful. This is the mindset achieved during meditation, praying, and creative focus and flow. That is when messages you’ve “sent” are most likely to come through.

I find this whole concept very intriguing and will definitely be trying it myself.