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Teens Feel Like They’re Being “Watched” By Unseen Cryptid

Are those… eyes?

Two teens were walking along side of the road by a junkyard when one of them stopped, putting their arm out to stop them both in their tracks and asked “What is that?” It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the pitch darkness of where his friend was looking but then he saw what seemed to be a pair of glowing eyes. They describe it as big, easily dwarfing the friend who’s over six feet tall. They stared at it for what seemed an eternity, their brains trying to make sense of what they were seeing. 

Once his eyes had adjusted he could see the faint outline of this massive creature, describing its head as too round and too human shaped to be some sort of animal. The pair keenly felt the gaze of a predator on them, so they locked eyes with it while backing away slowly to the opposite side of the road. Once they felt they were far enough away to make a dash for it, they both ran away as fast as they could.

There are very few modern day reports of humans being attacked by cryptids because, quite frankly, nobody ever seems to get close enough to get solid evidentiary video footage let alone close enough to be attacked by one. Most accounts agree that sasquatch and bigfoot creatures prefer displays of aggression to scare away unwanted visitors rather than violently using its reported great strength to attack.  

The next logical question is what is a bigfoot doing around a junkyard? Recent footage suggests these creatures are investigating human technology, such as electricity, and many claim these cryptids are already tool-wielding. Could this be a sign they are progressing technologically while still remaining unproven to humanity?

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