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Taxidermist Brings Cryptids to Life

These real fakes are so weird!

One of the greatest “real fakes” of all time was the Fiji mermaid originally displayed by P.T. Barnum. This specimen was a taxidermy oddity of the top half of a juvenile monkey sewn onto the bottom half of a fish. What makes this such a fantastic story is that even saying the creature was fake did not stop people from flocking to see it, and other such similar creations. Though the original example is believed to be lost to a museum fire, many modern cryptozoology museums feature a Fiji mermaid exhibit, along with other marvels of taxidermied wonder.  

Another of the cryptids shown in this clip is the chupacabra, which is often displayed as a dog like creature but has many varying descriptions across sightings with the commonality being it drains the blood from livestock. Also shown is a centaur skeleton and a “river raptor” that looks like a small dinosaur with a human-like head. Unfortunately, it is unclear if all these specimens are from the same exhibit or locations, however the images may originate from the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine which boasts itself as the only cryptozoology museum.

Another possibility is the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center in Somerset, Kentucky which also sports a Fiji mermaid and an entire room dedicated to cryptids.

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