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Woman Has a Theory That Your Tattoo Placement Has Unconscious, Special Meaning

It kind of does check out...

Many people give a lot of thought to the meanings behind their tattoos but never stop to consider if where they put their ink could have a hidden meaning too. This woman posits that choosing a tattoo for your left arm represents one’s masculine side indicating strength, empowerment, and decisions. The right arm is the feminine side and indicates helplessness and what you “needed” at the time of the tattoo. 

The top center of one’s chest is connected to the inner child and something that impacted them. The collar bone stands for self-confidence and standing up for one’s self, while higher up on the throat indicates speaking your own truth. Ink going around the neck symbolizes uncertainty on something you are trying to understand, and further down to the lower chest and stomach is for empowerment and courage. The center of the chest along the sternum has to do with the love you crave or never received as a child. Along the vertebrate of the spine represents who you truly are while the rest of the back is the weight you have felt you carry around with you.

Those wishing to maximize the symbolism of their permanent ink may also use sigils as part of the design. A personalized sign can be made by writing down one’s stated desire and then reducing it to its base consonants, then using those to stylistically adapt them into a a geometric design. More information on creating your own sigil and step by step instructions are available. 

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