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How Seasons Can Affect Your Tarot Reading

The cards correspond to the changing seasons.
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Tarot cards, originally designed as simple playing cards hundreds of years ago, have now taken on a whole host of esoteric meanings and are primarily used for divination. Practitioners all over the world ascribe a variety of meanings to the different cards, and the more involved you get with with your Tarot work, the greater depth of meaning and symbolism you learn that each of the cards holds.

One thing that many people are not aware of is that each of the suits of the tarot cards can stand in for seasons of the year. This will affect your reading, and can even help you predict the time of year that various things the cards say may happen might occur.

In this video, a TikTok tarot expert weighs in on which suits of cards indicate which seasons, and the “vibes” these seasons, elements, and suits contain.

* Winter is symbolized by the suit of pentacles (or coins), which also corresponds to the element of Earth. Like the winter, it is marked by slow, gradual movement, patience, endlong-term planning.

* Spring belongs to the suit of wands, the element of Fire, and the quick bursts of intensity that energy brings.

* Autumn is represented in the suit of swords and the element of Air.

* Summer is held by the suit of cups, the element of water, and the steady, luscious flow of both season and element.

Keep these factors in mind during your next tarot reading and watch your understanding deepen!

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