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Use Tarot Cards to Give Yourself a Pep Talk

It's a simple but effective trick.
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A lot of people think that tarot cards can only be used for fortune telling, and that unless you believe that the cards have a mystical ability to see into the future, it’s just bunk. But that’s not true. Many people use tarot cards as a sort of esoteric “Rorschach test” kicking cards and analyzing what those cards mean to them, and using that to gain insight into their own psyche and state of mind.

In this video, you can even learn how to use tarot to give yourself a much-needed pep talk.

First, you fan out the deck, face up on a flat surface. Then, locate the Nine of Pentacles card. Traditionally, this card symbolizes aspects of self-sufficiency, abundance, self-worth, and spiritual self-control. So it’s a good card to look for when you’re analyzing your own accomplishments.

And, according to this video, the cards around it will reflect specifics of your accomplishments and best qualities back to you.

“Not me doing this and the cards being The Tower and the King of Swords,” wails one viewer, after trying this trick for themselves. Those two cards are traditionally quite ominous in meaning.

But Brayde, the tarot reader who uploaded the video, says never fear. “Okay, you’re very logical and you’re extremely adaptable to chaos and change.”

Part of the deal, it seems, is to go with the “pep talk” spirit of the exercise and interpret the cards according to their most generous and positive aspects.

Which, if you think about it, probably what you should be doing with yourself all the time anyway. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate all the good. Listen to that nice lady on the Nine of Pentacles.

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