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Use Tarot to Find Out Who You Were in Past Life

Ask the cards for the answers...

Fans of tarot cards use the decks not only for divination and fortune telling, but also for inspiration and self-reflection. I have friends who incorporate readings into plotting sessions for their fiction, or to create characters in novels and screenplays. Others utilize the esoteric cards and their endlessly re-interpreted meanings as a sort of Rorschach test, finding the meanings in the cards that speak best to them in any given moment, and then exploring why it is they gravitated to that symbol.

This woman claims you can even use tarot cards to investigate truths about your own past lives. Here’s how.

“Always make sure you’re in the right headspace,” warn TikTok tarot reader @thetarotteller. Clear your mind and approach the task with an open heart and a mood.

The first step is to ask which card overall represents who you were in a past life. This is a simple starting point that anyone can do.

But if you want to go deeper, you can ask your cards to show you nine cards that can represent this past life from birth to death. Lay these out in a three-by-three grid. This will give you a “story” of sorts that you can read, page by page and card by card.

“It’s very important that you focus on the storytelling aspect and lean on your intuition,” she writes in the video caption. Pay attention to any insights that might come up when you’re working. The more developed your clairvoyant or other intuitive abilities are, the more likely you might be able to discern key details, like names and dates.

Good luck!

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