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If You Want to Know if There's a Cheater in Your Life, Check the Cards

The cards don't lie...but people do!

One of the main questions many psychics, spirit mediums, or other intuitives get while seeing clients is “Is he cheating?” Ask any kind of spiritual advisor and they will tell you that it’s a depressingly common problem people come to them about, and there is an even more depressingly common reason why. It’s usually because on some level, the person already knows to some extent what is going on, and is being lied to on top of the initial betrayal. Anyone who has been cheated on can tell you that the act itself is not always the largest part of the hurt they suffer. Many times, the lying, victim blaming, and plain old gaslighting that follows is far worse than the thought that your partner stepped out on you.

Bottom line: Girl, you don’t need the cards to tell you what you already know.

But if you do see these cards start to come up over and over, you might want to ask yourself why.

* Ace of Swords in the reverse position: lack of clarity or lies of omission. (“You didn’t ask me if she was in the hotel room with me!”

* The Magician in the reverse position: manipulation. (A narcissist’s favorite weapon.)

* The Moon: deception. (Enough said.)

* Seven of swords: lying, cheating, stealing. (The triumvirate of bad.)

* Justice in the reverse position: lack of integrity or a shady character. (As my favorite writer on infidelity, The Chump Lady, says: cheating is about their sense of entitlement. It’s about them, not you.)

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